Meet our current litter

these pomeranian puppie are from our previous litter.
Black pomeranian puppy named Mini


(Mini found her forever home and is no longer available)

All white pomeranian puppy named Polar.


White Male Pomeranian

We specialize in pomeranians

(They are the cutest after all)
White pomeranian puppy named Polar playing with toy balls


Pedigree is important in a purebred puppy as it determines general health and demeanor and the look that people want in their breed.

Black and white pomeranian puppies playing.


Our puppies have received their first round of vaccinations and are in good physical and emotional health.


Get to know us

Our family Pomeranian is the dam of this litter.
We ensure that we breed responsibly to keep her in good health.

Mini and Polar snuggling on a red blanket

We share all pedigree, health and other important information for each pomeranian puppy before you take one home.
We want you to know exactly what you are getting.

Mini playing in the grass

These Pomeranian puppies are an extension of our family.
We care about them and want them to go to good homes.

Close up of Polar's cute face